Thursday, February 08, 2007


Song: Dashboard
Artist: Modest Mouse
Album: We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

The return of Modest Mouse… yay! Like most of you, I hadn’t heard of Modest Mouse until the release of their last album, “Good News for People Who Like Bad News” and their break-through single, “Float On.” But the band formed in 1993 and had already released a slew of independent LP’s, EP’s and collections before their Epic debut, 2000’s “The Moon & Antartica.” I thought “Float On” was an amazing song as was the full “Good News” album.

Their follow up, “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank” comes out on March 13th. “Dashboard” is the bouncy first single. I liked this right away and after a few listens think it sounds a bit like Franz Ferdinand. The band seems to be paying attention to the beat of their songs more, as I have been browsing through their back catalog and finding much I like, and some that I think is so-so. I think “Dashboard” is a good first single, though there is really no way to tell if it will catch on or not. I thought Franz’s first single from their sophomore album “Do You Want To” was one of the best (and catchiest) singles I had heard in a very, very, long time and yet it did not get any serious airplay… and now it’s in a hair commercial! Ugh. But I will stay on the positive side and hope that Modest Mouse do their fans and critics well with this highly anticipated album.


Two great videos from the singles of “Good News”:
Float On

The Ocean Breathes Salty

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