Monday, February 12, 2007

Blindfold Me

Song: Blindfold Me
Artist: Kelis
Album: Kelis Was Here

I have been listening to Kelis’ “Kelis Was Here” since it was released last year and I can’t really put my head around it. The album is a schizophrenic affair, jumping from one kind of musical style to another, and Kelis’ persona changes along with those styles. I’ve dug her ever since her first single, “Caught Out There” from her 1999 debut “Kaleidoscope” which featured the distinctive chorus “I hate you so much right now! I hate you so much right know! Aaahhhhhhhhh!!!” Wow. She’s been the Neptunes vocal darling for years, being the female voice on their “Got Your Money” by Old Dirty Bastard, and “Truth or Dare” on their N.E.R.D. side project’s debut. They repaid her, and handsomely by the way, with the gift that was “Milkshake,” a strange unbelievably catchy smash hit from 2003.

The album from which “Milkshake” came, “Tasty” was just that. Catchy, fun, and sexy… I was surprised that it contained that one and only hit. (Of course subsequent singles were bigger in Europe.) Because of the hit, expectations were high for “Kelis Was Here,” and for some odd reason the lame “Bossy” was chosen as first single. “Blindfold Me” somehow did not catch on late last year and it’s too bad… what a fierce track it is. She’s released the sweet mid-tempo Cee-Lo duet as the latest single… maybe that will catch on. It’s also a very good song. But if you are looking for the sexy, sassy Kelis of Milkshake, look no further than “Blindfold Me.”


Her first solo video for "Caught Out There":

Blindfold Me:

Latest single "Lil Star" with Cee-Lo:

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