Monday, January 29, 2007


Song: Hippychick
Artist: Soho
Album: Goddess

The 90’s Weren’t That Bad

If you remove the “alternative” music boom away from the 90’s, you have a pretty icky mix of ridiculous pop songs, quirky one hit wonders, and the beginning of the worst of commercial hip hop.

Just take a look at this list of songs from the time period, which should only be enjoyed ironically:

95 South – Woot There it Is
Ace of Base – Sign
Aqua – Barbie Girl
Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
Bell Biv Devoe – Do Me

Actually… I am going to stop right there because this list could really go on forever, and despite only getting to “B,” already feel I’m missing a lot.

This week I am going to highlight songs, many unfortunate one hit wonders, of good pop songs from the time. You may disagree, but I think, despite being from the dreaded 90’s, these songs hold up.

First up is Soho’s “Hippychick,” the song that every time it starts you think it’s The Smiths “How Soon is Now” as it opens with Johnny Marr’s distinct guitar riff. It’s amazing that when I do here this randomly, and first think it’s the Smiths, that I don’t get pissed off it’s not… because “Hippychick” is actually totally fun.

Soho was formed in the early 90’s in London comprised of singers (and twin sisters) Jackie & Pauline Cuff, along with guitarist Timothy London. They did not manage to get another hit out of their debut record “Goddess” or even a second album, despite “Hippychick” being a hit around the world. (I mean… even Sisqo got a follow up album after “The Thong Song.”) The album isn’t GREAT, but it’s one I put in every once in a while and enjoy. “Hippychick” on the other hand is good anytime.

Leave me a comment below and let me know which is your LEAST favorite song of the 90’s and your favorite.


The video for Hippychick:

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Brian F said...

"One Of Us" by Joan Osborne.

This song made me angry. It had great hooks, but it was so stupid... such crap lyrics & idiotic rhymes that could have been written by a 7 year old. This song made me realize that yes, I CAN write my own music... because I could certainly do better than this.

The thing is - I became a big Joan Osborne fan. The rest of the album was great, as were her follow-ups. But the one song that the whole world knows her for is the one I can't stand.