Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Your Woman

Song: Your Woman
Artist: White Town
Album: Woman In Technology

White Town’s “Your Woman” is one of those songs, now almost ten years old, that you might have no idea what it is based on the title or artist, but about three seconds in you go… “Oh yeah, THAT song! I love that song!” A delightful slice of pre-millennium pop-techno, this one-off hit was created by Jyoti Mishra who writes and records every note as “White Town. Mishra was born in India in 1966 but his family soon moved to England just three years later. He began playing the piano at twelve and formed a band in high school. After a very unsuccessful debut album in 1994, it was “Your Woman,” originally released on an EP that got him a major deal with EMI to release “Woman in Technology.”

Despite “Your Woman” being an international hit, he did not have another big single off the record (as musically it is pretty different than the single) nor did anything off the follow up, 2000’s “Peek and Poke.” “Woman in Technology” is actually a pretty great mood record, a bit odd but a good listen.

“Your Woman” is written about a lesbian, in case you have always been confused why a guy would sing “I guess what they say is true, I could never be the right kind of girl for you.”

Word up.


The video for Your Woman:

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