Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Obvious Child

Song: The Obvious Child
Artist: Paul Simon
Album: The Rhythm of the Saints

It took Paul Simon four years to follow up the massively successful “Graceland,” but in 1990 he went back to the jungle and released “The Rhythm of the Saints,” a complex percussion driven set that didn’t reach the commercial set of his previous work but was critically praised, and rightfully so.

“The Obvious Child” is the opening, stunning track and still my favorite on the record. Is it me, or did Shakira sort of blatantly rip off the open for her hit “Obsession (Tango)?” Don’t know if he got credit, or if it’s just different enough to satisfy the lawyers? Although Shakira is like ACTUALLY from Latin America, where Simon is a Jew from Queens, New York, (by way of Newark Heights New Jersey.)

Ah well, who cares… this is a killer song.


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