Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Suffer Well

Song: Suffer Well
Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: Playing the Angel

Depeche Mode hit their sales peak with the monster album “Violator” in 1990, including the instant hits “Policy of Truth,” “Enjoy the Silence,” and “Personal Jesus.” Although anyone who was deep into New Wave knew their back catalog and semi-hits “People Are People” and “Just Can’t Get Enough.” While “Violator” was massive, and thought to be their “Joshua Tree” they never built on its success like U2 did. Lead singer Dave Gahan was sidelined by a heroin problem, yet they continued to release good albums straight through with middling success.

Last year they released the very, very good “Playing the Angel,” to unfortunately little or no fanfare. They have a strong fanbase that buys the records, but nothing close to a top forty hit. This is unfortunate because the songs are great, but seem to point to a pretty sizable shift in what is popular in music right now. “Suffer Well” is just one of many strong songs on the record and sounds like vintage D.M.


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