Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's Not Unsual

Song: It's Not Unsual
Artist: Belly
Album: Baby Silvertooth

Originally found on the Japanese EP “Baby Silvertooth” then on the soundtrack to “With Honors,” Belly’s bouncy cover of the Tom Jones cheese-ball classic “It’s Not Unusual,” is a classic example of an indie band taking something totally dorky and making it cool. This just might teeter on the edge of “cool” actually considering it came from the “With Honors” soundtrack, but its fun none the less.

Belly recorded two versions of the song, one slower, one more upbeat. I personally like the more upbeat version. I had thought the song was included in their Best Of but was wrong when I did a little more research. (Their Hendrix cover, “Are You Experienced” made the best of cut though.)

This one will keep you smiling, even if it’s only Tuesday.


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