Friday, September 15, 2006

Yours To Keep (again)

Song: Yours To Keep
Artist: Annie
Album: N/A

A couple weeks ago I highlighted a song called "Yours To Keep" by a band called the Teddybears on recommendation from a reader. I really liked the song and since then have played it multiple times, can't get enough. A friend at work told me that while they were pretty big in homeland Sweden, they were not going to try to break into the U.S. and just license their songs for TV, movies, and commercials. (Their song "Cobrastyle" was used in HBO's "Entourage" and a car commercial.)

Well it turns out there is more to this song and band. Yesterday I came across this cover by Euro-pop sensation Annie. (Whose debut album "Anniemal" was one of my favorites of last year.) This is a more dancy punk-dance version than the original, I like it... but it is definitely different. (And not totally in line with what Annie sounds like on her debut.)

But the story doesn't end there. Also yesterday, by chance, I notice that the free single of the week on iTunes is none other than "Yours To Keep" by the Teddybears. But, it says (With Neneh Cherry.) I love Neneh Cherry, and consider her second record "Homebrew" one of the best records I own. She is the distinct voice behind late 80's pop smashes "Buffalo Stance" and "Kisses on the Wind." So distinct is her voice that I KNEW the version I had was with different vocals. So I downloaded it from the iTunes Music Store and surprise... ANOTHER version of the song.

After some research I found out the story:

The Teddybears Sthlm, were a punk collective from Sweden who used guerilla self-marketing techniques to build a rabid fanbase and chose the cuddly name as it didn't fit their punk rock tunes. Back in 2000, they released the album "Rock & Roll High School" which featured the original "Yours To Keep" with vocals by Paola. I found the video, which you can watch here:

Though yet again, it's a SLIGHTLY different dancy-er version.

With their new album, "Soft Machine" the Teddybears (dropping the Sthlm)have re-recorded "Yours To Keep" with vocals by Neneh Cherry featuring background vocals by Annie. In addition, they recorded this new version with Annie alone. I don't know if I've ever seen one song get so much attention!

Stereogum has all three versions for free download, so if you have more interest in the song you can collect them all!

Get them here:

All three are actually quite different, and while I am still currently partial to the original '00 version with Paola (can't believe it's six years old!) the others have made their way into my playlist... for at least a few days.


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