Monday, September 18, 2006

Double Shadow

Song: Double Shadow
Artist: Junior Boys
Album: So This is Goodbye

The Junior Boys are a Canadian duo who manage to make electronic bleeps and noodlings sexy. "So This is Goodbye" their sophmore album, which came out last week, sounds similar to their critical smash debut "Last Exit." Both are mood records that are designed for early mornings, late nights, or the bedroom.

I have been listening to this for almost a week now and what is surprising me is how memorable the songs are separately. Sometimes a "mood" record isn't so much about each individual song (see like EVERY Sigur Ros record) but the whole, the journey. Junior Boys are a bit different because while this seems meant for a listen from start to finish (which is becoming more rare in this new singles easy download era) the songs do work on their own.

Don't know if I am really making much sense here, other than I like this record, if you like this song you should look into the Junior Boys. Sexy.


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