Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Get Myself Into It

Song: Get Myself Into It
Artist: The Rapture
Album: Pieces of People We Love

This is a really great song. I've been listening to it for a while now, a couple days anyhow... also finding the entire record pretty captivatinng.

It starts like it's a Rod Stewart song or something. Lead singer Luke Jenner has a high semi-whinny screech, that I don't dislike, just wouldn't call "pretty" per say. The chorus is perfectly simple, two phrases repeated a few times... but I see myself singing along while dancing to it, which I quite enjoy, even if it looks goofy, or worse... annoying. Regardless, by the time that you realize you're grooving along to a SAX riff, you're sold.

"Pieces of People We Love" is The Raptures sophmore follow up to their DFA (LCD Soundsystem) produced debut. I haven't listened to that record, didn't get on that train when it came out (I was probably too busy with Interpol or something,) but I dig the big song from that record, "House Of Jealous Lovers" which I hadn't heard until recently.

Here is the Shynola(Radiohead's "Pyramid Song) directed video:

Zine's Alive!

A handful of "Pieces" songs were produced by Danger Mouse, who after the summer of Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy," is most likely on the "hot list" for producers to get. But he tries something different here, not the out of knowhere hip-hop he perfected on The Gorillaz "Demon Days" and Barkley's "St. Elsewhere." It's as if he's producing The Scissor Sisters, and all they want to do is write one "The Skins" after another. Like a dirty 70's rock-disco club, that plays porn in the corner and smells like a cologne bomb went off... the Rapture make post-disco rock for a fun dirty little party. I dig it. Actually, an updated Rod Stewart (circa "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy/Young Turks" era) is not far off.

If you enjoy "Get Myself Into It" and "Lovers" I think you'll like this record. Can't speak for "Echoes" their debut, but I LOVE LCD Soundsystem, which is basically the DFA (Dance outfit from NYC, have remixed Le Tigre, Nine Ince Nails, etc.) so I'm interested in hearing it. (They LOVE cowbell.)

A fun party record for sure.


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