Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Sweeter Sound - The Rurals

Song: Sweeter Sound
Artist: The Rurals
Albums: Sweeter Sounds

This Devonshire, England collective have been at it for over sixteen years, and have been quite prolific... releasing over eighty E.P.'s and sixteen long-playing albums.  Pretty insane.

The group started in 1994 and have released a consistent stream of jazz-tinged soulful house albums.  If there's one fault, from what I've heard, is that it's more of the same for each record... but this is top shelf background music.  And it reminds me of straight-up jazz in that way.

Their most notable album is probably Sweeter Sounds from 2001, but honestly... if you like the vibe you should peruse their entire catalog.  I've been starting my days at the office with a different album of theirs here and there for weeks.  Really sublime.  And most of their stuff is on Spotify.


Sweeter Sound

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