Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Garota - Erlend Øye

Song: Garota
Artist: Erlend Øye
Album: Legao

Never got into Kings of Convenience, Norwegian composer, musician, producer, & singer-songwriter Erlend Øye's early 00s downtempo band that released five album throughout that decade and helped put the man on the indie map.  I liked his more electronic-tinged solo album Unrest from '03, but really dug his other project The Whitest Boy Alive, and their two album of mid-tempo electronica that came out in '06 & '09.  The man's been pretty quiet for the last five or so years, aside from some production work for Norwegian indie band Kakkmaddafakka, until last year when he started releasing singles for his second solo album Legao, which came out in October of this year.

Legao is a much less electronic affair than Unrest, delving more into organic folk-tinged reggae.  It's an odd little record but a great little laid-back mood piece.  And there is something still very charming and enchanting about Erlend's voice.

Just... nice.



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