Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Together (2014 Version) - Odyssey

Song: Together (2014 Version)
Artist: Odyssey
Album: Together EP

Here's a little story...

Odyssey are an NYC-based disco band from the late 70s best known for their track "Native New Yorker."  Originally called The Lopez Sisters, the band has continued to write and perform throughout the years with founding member/singer Lillian Lopez-Collazo-Jackson succumbing to Cancer in 2012.  Her son, Steven Collazo has continued the band with a variety of singers and musicians and is working on a new album but released a four-track EP earlier this year.

Ronika is an English singer-songwriter whom I recently highlighted with the release of her debut album Selectadisc.  I couldn't believe she didn't include the track I first knew her from, "Automatic" which has an unbelievable killer groove and is arguably her best song.

Steven Collazo's new Odyssey's aforementioned new EP contains two re-worked Odyssey classics "Together" and "Back to My Roots" as well as the original versions of two other tracks. ("He's Coming Back," "Sooner or Later")

The new "Together" is rather groovy, I love the updated House mix:

Together (2014 Version) - Odyssey

I didn't really hear it initially but now I hear a little of Ronika's "Automatic" there:

Ronika - Automatic

Well, then you listen to the original "Together" from 1982:

Together (1982) - Odyssey

Oh.  Big Oh.  Maybe that's why "Automatic" is not on the record.  Hmm.

And yes, "Together" was co-written by Nile Rodgers.

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