Friday, June 06, 2014

Restart - Sam Smith

Song: Restart
Artist: Sam Smith
Album: In the Lonely Hour

Sam Smith is a British singer-songwriter who has taken the U.K. by storm and recently released his debut album In the Lonely Hour just last month.  He is probably best known as the soulful voice on U.K. House duo Disclosure's hit "Latch."  But he's doing quite well on his own, seeing both his second single "Money on My Mind" and third "Stay With Me" go straight to #1 on the U.K. charts.  The later has recently been remixed by Darkchild with Mary J. Blige, who is getting a nice resurgence with these young British Boys!

The album is mostly downtempo and really highlights Smith's impressive soulful voice.  I wish it had a couple more upbeat tracks, but it sounds very classic and will hit the spot for the right mood.  I'm sure it's been said before but male Adele and all that...

Oddly, and possibly to keep that mood for the album, Smith relegates a real corker, "Restart" as a bonus track on the album.  Reader Sean introduced me to the track and I absolutely love it.  Would really like him to go in this direction more.

Regardless, Smith is one to watch, take a listen.

On a personal note, I happened to run into Smith in a restroom a month ago while he was shooting in a studio that's on the floor I work on.  He gave me the once over twice and I wondered about him... and he just had a low key coming out via a recent interview.  Ha!  I knew it.  (Though I can't believe he's only 22.)


Stay With Me
Money on My Mind

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