Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rave - Blondie

Song: Rave
Artist: Blondie
Album: Ghosts of Download

It had seemed like longer, but now that Blondie's 10th album Ghosts of Download is out, I realize that it's a couple months shy of a year since they released the first single to the long-awaited album, the Beth Ditto duet "A Rose By Any Name" back in September of last year.  I liked that track, and love the band, and have had this record for almost a month but was really trying to figure out what I thought of it.  Funny enough, I sat down for a full listen through this AM, began grooving to a couple of the tracks which finally were taking hold, and noded along as I knew how I wanted to approach my "review."

Except I just went back and re-read my write up of their last album, 2011's Panic of Girls and... realized I feel the same about this record.  Yet in hindsight, I think of Panic as being largely forgettable, but in my words it had also just "clicked" with me, which is what I was about to write of Ghosts.

I'll just save all that and say that after repeated listens it's a pretty good record with some really nice standouts ("Rave," "I Want to Drag You Around," & "Make a Way") an ill advised  cover (Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax") and a whole second disc of their re-recorded hits due to the fact that they don't own any of the music that made them famous.  The album has a semi-throughline of island-kissed electronica, Debbie still sounds great, and this is Blondie's 10th album, it's a touch too long.  There.

And I will always note in any mention of new Blondie music just how great and overlooked their 2003 album Curse of Blondie is.  Go listen to that record, it's great.  I'd link it... but it's not on Spotify.  Why?!?!


I Want to Drag You Around
Make a Way

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