Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crossfade - GusGus

Song: Crossfade
Artist: GusGus
Album: Mexico

Icelandic electronic band GusGus return with their ninth studio album Mexico on June 23rd.  The band continues to use more vocals than they ever have in the past, with the title track being the only instrumental on the new album.  It's still a throbbing, sexy listen that won't disappoint fans of their earlier work.

Listen to this one at night.

I've liked GusGus since their late-90s sophomore set Polydistortion, and also really dug their first album on Kompakt Records (which they've been on since) 2009's 24/7.  I've heard many say they loved 2011's Arabian Horse but I wasn't feeling it at the time.  I'm going back to it though as Mexico is hitting the spot right away.

"Crossfade" is the first single and it's a hypnotic winner.


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