Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry) - Todd Terje

Song: Johnny and Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry)
Artist: Todd Terje
Album: It's Album Time

I'm a couple months late for this one, but y'all should check this one out...

Todd Terje is a Norwegian DJ, songwriter, and record producer that has slowly made a name for himself with growing number of remixes in a particular style that mixes house-y disco with a slow-growing head-trippin' climax.  I honestly thought I had written about his amazing remix of Chic's "I Want Your Love" which is a must listen, and he's also done amazing things with classic tracks by M, Paul Simon, and Roxy Music, as well as recent work with Franz Ferdinand from their new album.  I didn't know this until just now but he also co-wrote Robbie Williams' single "Candy" from 2012.  Huh.

In April Terje released his eagerly awaited debut album It's Album Time, and it's really amazing.  It's a retro-yet-modern aural trip that could also be described as really hip elevator music.  That sounds awful, but you'll just have to take a listen to understand.

I listen to It's Album Time a lot at work.  It's mostly instrumental, and has the perfect amount of groove and laid back cool perfect for a Summer's day, early evening cocktail, tropical-set espionage, or yeah... work.

While it is mostly instrumental, Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry does make an appearance (most likely after his killer edit of "Love is the Drug") on "Johnny and Mary."  Impossibly cool.


Johnny and Mary
Delorean Dynamite

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