Thursday, September 13, 2012


Song: Candy
Artist: Robbie Williams
Album: Take the Crown

There was a time when I was flat-out obsessed with Robbie Williams, as was most of the world (sans the States) for a good while.  But he stumbled with a couple albums, despite having solid moments on each one... yet one could argue that his last BIG Robbie album was 2002's "Escapeology," which is now ten years old.  Could he ever truly rise up and make another record that could... take the crown again?  (A-hem)

Well, if pre-release buzz can be trusted (it typically can't) we might be seeing a return to this BIG Robbie, one hell-bent on radio hit after radio hit, and pulling it off with effortless charm.  Really?

Well, while I do think the man has had some great moments in the last couple years, and while I liked his last record... the obsession part, that I'd come to terms with in my liking of Robbie, just wasn't there, and hasn't been for some time.  Until now.

First single off the ninth album is a sunny, Gary Barlow co-write/production called "Candy," which is straight-up unrelenting Pop.  Big big P-O-P.  It's amazing.  I've been "Hey-ho'ing" on the street the past couple of days with this in my headphones.  It's GREAT.  And, the video is a curious, but winning, silly little piece, where Robbie plays a bit of an angel, following around some broad.  His charm is maddening in this clip, and the man is seriously aging quite wonderfully.  The slight grey totally works for him.

I'm properly excited about "Take the Crown."  "Candy" might not sound like what's on the radio right now, but with sunny pop like "Call Me Maybe" becoming the biggest hit of the year... maybe it has a chance.

Whistles away...



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