Thursday, May 08, 2014

Opulence - Brooke Candy

Song: Opulence
Artist: Brooke Candy
Album: Opulence EP

I'm not sure I'm actually recommending this...

I've only recently become aware of pop-star/rapper Brooke Candy, daughter of the CFO of Hustler magazine and CEO of the Hustler Casino.  Brooke worked for the brand briefly after contacting Larry Flint wanting to be a photographer but was hired as a mannequin stylist for their storefronts.  She did work as a dancer briefly, reportedly with Azealia Banks at the same club.  She began working on music finding a bit of a following online via Tumblr and the like.

Candy was introduced to Charli XCX via Banks, and featured on the British singer-songwriter's track "Cloud Aura" on her debut True Romance.  She is gearing up to release her debut EP Opulence, which features the single of the same name and features some production work by Diplo as well as some co-writing from Sia.

The "Opulence" video is getting a lot of internet chatter and has to be seen to believed.  (below) It's directed by Steven Klein and features his standard dark/terrifying imagery.  Candy is quite the presence, but... do I enjoy it?

The EP is pretty in-your-face.  She's a bit Gwen Stefani, a bit Lil' Kim, a little Lady Gaga, Natalia Kills... etc.  But she's interesting personally.  Maybe one to watch.


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