Monday, May 12, 2014

Let Me Down Gently - La Roux

Song: Let Me Down Gently
Artist: La Roux
Album: Trouble in Paradise

Five years is a long time to wait to follow up a record, especially for your debut... but here we are in 2014 and English synthpop duo La Roux have completed the follow up to their Grammy-winning debut album from 2009.

Trouble in Paradise will be released July 7th.  The band has revealed the album art, but no official word on a lead single, though a new slow-build track was accidentally put up for sale on a Polish website, and is now everywhere.

"Let Me Down Gently" is moody, synthy track that has lead singer Elly Jackson sounding quite gorgeous and emotive, avoiding the at-times screechiness that could be found on the debut.  It's an expansive track that's sexy and a bit mysterious.  It's got a dramatic pause that sets things up to explode... and yet it remains restrained in it's mood.  It's a bit 80's, and quite gorgeous... and then that sax!

It might not have the bounce of previous hits "Bulletproof" and "I'm Not Your Toy," but really digging this.


Take a listen here.

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