Monday, April 28, 2014

Do it Again - Röyksopp & Robyn

Song: Do it Again
Artist: Röyksopp & Robyn
Album: Do it Again

On may 26th Robyn will return (sort of) with a mini album collaboration with Röyksopp, whom have also been quiet musically since 2010 when they released their follow-up/companion album Senior to '09's Junior, which contained a killer track with Robyn called "The Girl and the Robot."  Prior to that Robyn worked with the duo on her own track "None of Dem" which was on her last triumphant release Body Talk.

They are also hitting the road together for a joint tour this year.

Suffice to say we've all been eagerly awaiting new material from both, so "Do it Again," the mini-album and first single from the project come with a heavy dose of expectation.  I remember when Body Talk Pt. 1 was released and it seemed impossible that she'd be able to top her gargantuan single "With Every Heartbeat" from her '05 album Robyn, but then "Dancing on My Own" happened.

 That track took on a life of it's own, boosted by several killer addition songs from Body Talk, so it's hard not to come at "Do it Again" without unrealistic expectations...

But the track is really a corker, and fits within Robyn's heartache-on-the-dancefloor wheelhouse.  Sonically it's pretty hard-hitting, peppy, and catchy... and repeated listens reveal a now-typical deeper lyrical content of cyclical bad decisions.  Get ready some (more) life-changing personal transcendence on the dancefloor!  (How does she do this so effortlessly?!?!)

There's a couple tracks that pass the eight-minute mark, and a low-quality stream of some of the other songs reveal an experimental edge to the project.

Color us excited.


Do it Again

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