Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You - Galantis

Song: You
Artist: Galantis
Album: You

Well this has promising written all over it...

Galantis are a new duo comprised of Linus Eklow (a.k.a. Style of Eye) and Christian Karlsson (a member of both Miike Snow and Bloodshy & Avant.)  They've only released a handful of singles and a couple remixes so unsure when an album can be expected if at all.  I'm really digging late last year's single "Smile" as well as the recent "You," which sounds exactly what you'd expect a Miike Snow/Style of Eye collaboration to sound like.  (That piano!)

The duo are on tour, which you can find more about via their website, an EP is expected in early April.  Check out the YouTube tracks below or their Soundcloud page for more.

Karlsson had confirmed last year that he and Andrew Wyatt were working on the third Miike White album, and Eklow's single "Kids" under Style of Eye has been taking off.  Interested to see where the duo takes this collaboration.

High-energy, club-centric, pop-bliss.  I'm into it.



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