Monday, December 07, 2009

Cult Logic

Song: Cult Logic
Artist: Miike Snow
Album: Miike Snow

Best of 2009

I got out of the drivers seat a bit this year in terms of music. My usual MO in terms of music is to try to listen to everything, hear all the albums, and be "up" on anything that is being well received either critically or by the public, but this year I just let the music come to me. I just paid attention to things that grabbed my attention, and stuff I just wanted to listen to over and over. As I took a look at my iTunes for the year and all the stuff that I listened to most it became clear that I have gone more pop, less rock. And a bit maybe... less adventurous in my tastes. Good or bad it is what it is... and that's just how music is.

So for the rest of the month into early next year, I am going to highlight my personal favorite albums and songs of the year in no particular order.

When I read that production duo Bloodshy & Avant were making a record, I was excited to see what the beats behind many of Britney's biggest hits would bring to their own album. I half expected a Basement Jaxx-style, many vocalists standard producer type album, but what they made, as Miike Snow, was very different. Much more downbeat and missing the pop hooks of tracks like "Toxic" and "Radar," Miike Snow was a sexier dive into electronic pop that skews a little indie, but all pretty excellent. Loved first single "Animal" but my favorite track was the also semi-upbeat "Cult Logic." Swirling synths and a hopping beat fit the cryptic lyrics about loneliness and isolation... thoughts as icy as the music. But in the end the music engulfs you, just as he says "and it's like I'm diving into emptiness, but at least there's something beating in my chest." Nice.

I really recommend this entire album. It reminds me (slightly) of Junior Boys, though much driving. I do find the music sexy, and appreciate the restraint that these guys used for this project. While they didn't bring out the super hooks and banging beats they use for Brit, I am compelled to point out they did produce and Miike Snow-style song for Brit that she left off her new album called "Trouble." It's a great track, you can listen below.



Black & Blue

Trouble - Britney Spears

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