Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Best of 2013 - Free Your Mind

Best of 2013

Song: Let Me Show You Love
Artist: Cut Copy
Album: Free Your Mind

Zonoscope was okay, but it certainly made you feel like we wouldn't see something as magical as Cut Copy's amazing In Ghost Colors from 2008 again.  Not true.  The Aussie group took inspiration from 90s House and created a cohesive, groovy, & psychedelic soundscape that's just as good.  After the intro, the record opens with three hands-down Cut Copy future classics, the title track, "We Are Explorers" and "Let Me Show You Love."  Perfection.  It gets a bit trippier from theret.. this album is probably very good on illegal substances.

Man, is there anything better than 90s House piano?  Dang.


Let Me Show You Love
We Are Explorers
Free Your Mind

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