Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Song: Pony [Extended]
Artist: Ginuwine
Album: Ginuwine... The Bachelor

What?  Why "Pony?"  Why now?

Why?  Because everybody needs to have "Pony."  Everybody.

While the 90s House sound is getting a bit of resurgence from underground dance acts and even Katy Bloody Perry, the 90s behemoth that is R&B has yet to reclaim itself onto today's pop charts.  But I have a feeling this is going to be a new trend over the next couple years... no real evidence to back this up, just a feeling.  It's time.

So why not look back at one of the best tracks from that era, none-other than debut and still best known single "Pony" by Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, AKA Ginuwine.  Ginuwine (I'm only now just getting the "joke" in his name) released his debut album Ginuwine... The Bachelor in 1996 just after the massive success of the Timbaland/Missy Elliot-produced Aaliyah sophomore album "One in a Million."  "Pony" continued the Timbaland/Elliot winning streak, and solidified Timbaland's pop hip-hop production style.

Ginuwine has continued to release albums, act, etc. since his debut... but it's certainly arguable that he's never quite reached the highs of "Pony," a song so blatantly sexual yet so impossibly infectious it's spawned something as beautiful as a website called Dancing Alone to Pony.  Dat impact.

Certainly a track that should be found in every 90s playlist and one you need to have in your collection.


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