Monday, October 21, 2013

In the Kingdom

Song: In the Kingdom
Artist: Mazzy Star
Album: Seasons of Your Day

Mazzy Star hit it big with some really quiet music back in the "alternative" music boom of the 90s.  Probably still best known for their woozy, lush, hit single "Fade into You" from their 1993 album So Tonight That I Might See, the band released a follow-up, Among My Swan three years later only to go what was a perceived infinite hiatus.

Seventeen years later the band returns with a new album that's rumoured to actually be over twenty-five years in the making... with parts recorded when the band first formed in the early 90s.  An important fact for the context of the record as Seasons of Your Day is no large departure from their two decades-old work, but also falls right in line in terms of quality from their glory days.  This is Mazzy Star.

So Seasons is a quiet, pretty, affair that I've been playing most in the AM.  It gets me through those minutes when the coffee is still brewing and I'm really just thinking about being back in bed.  As it gets a bit colder out it's even more appropriate... like a warm blanket put over you.  It's all comfort.

I see this as an overall mood piece, so no real standouts in terms of individual songs... I'm still absorbing it, but I don't really hear another "Fade into You" here... not that that is a bad thing.  This is a great record, if you were a fan back in the day... you need to check this out.

Ease into your week.


In the Kingdom
Common Burn
Lay Myself Down

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