Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dance Your Pain Away

Song: Dance Your Pain Away
Artist: Agnetha Fältskog
Album: A

Here's some straight-up Nu Disco that sounds a bit retro for your hump day.  And it comes courtesy from none-other than ABBA legend Agnetha Fältskog, who returns after a nine-year break with her fifth English-language album A.  Fältskog spent eleven extremely successful years with ABBA, and worked on solo career throughout the 80s.  She took a break from music throughout the 90s into the new millenium and has released an odd record here and there since.

Friend and reader Harley points us toward "Dance Your Pain Away," a pretty infectious, if goofy, disco-tinged dance track that I really love.  And when the "Nothing he got nothing he got nothing he got nothing on yooooooouuuuu, on you!" part comes in toward the end, you're unmistakably taken to the wonderful world of inescapable ABBA-esque hooks.  Sublime.  The biggest of it's kind since the very end of Gaga's "Americano," with the "Don't you try to catch me, don't you try to catch me" bit.

Unfortunately, "Dance Your Pain Away" is an anomaly on A, which is comprised almost solely of drippy, Adult Contemporary-with-modern-production ballads, that admittedly are part of Fältskog bread and butter.  I get it, but the thought of a former ABBA member bringing a full album of "Dance Your Pain Away's" in her early 60s would be quite noteworthy... and straight up enjoyable.  Oh well, this one will just be on repeat.


Dance Your Pain Away

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