Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Throw

Song: The Throw
Artist: Jagwar Ma
Album: Howlin

Friend and reader Melanie introduced me to this AMAZING new album you need to hear at once.

Jagwar Ma are a rock three-piece from Sydney, Australia and Howlin is their debut that was released earlier this year.  It's a mix of Girl Group-ish/Beach Boys harmonies, electronic beats, irresistible grooves, and a slight Brit "Madchester"sound.  It's a touch psychedelic, and balances an old-and-new sound rather remarkably.  Listen to this!

This record, like yesterday's highlighted album Pollen by Wave Machines, was one that slowly creeped into my consciousness.  The record sounded good, and I was putting it in the day's playlist day-after-day for a while.  The melodies grabbed hold, the transcendental grooves washed over me... sold.  I realize though that I don't know these tracks by song names just yet.


The Throw
Come Save Me
Man I Need

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