Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ill Fit

Song: Ill Fit
Artist: Wave Machines
Album: Pollen

While there isn't anything as attention-grabbing and pop as "I Go I Go I Go" from their debut album, I've been digging Wave Machines' follow-up, Pollen that was released earlier this year quite a bit.  It's been a slow build for me, an odd, experimental record that has the band experimenting with many layers, spacy sounds, etc. Pollen gives me a little of Yeasayer.

Nothing jumps out initially, but this was one I just kept putting on and listening to, and its charms slowly revealed themselves.  First single "Ill Fit" is probably the catchiest, and yet also fits in (irony!) with the rest of the album.  Give it a chance.


Ill Fit
I Hold Loneliness
Counting Birds

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