Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love is Dangerous

Song: Love is Dangerous
Artist: French Horn Rebellion
Album: Love is Dangerous EP

French Horn Rebellion are a duo of brothers, Robert and David Perlick-Molinari from Milwaukee who currently reside in Brooklyn.  The story goes that younger brother Robert played French Horn for the Chicago Civic Orchestra, but "decided to make hot beats instead."  So he asked his "bassoon-toting brother" to join, boom|origin... French Horn Rebellion.

I never highlighted anything from their 2010 debut; The Infinite Music of French Horn Rebellion, though I see I listened to it several times.  I recently obtained their Love is Dangerous EP, though I'm a bit confused as I was under the impression that it was released recently, but also seeing it as coming out last December.  And it looks like they make have a more recent EP called Girls out as well.  I don't know... these guys need a Wikipedia page for lazy bloggers like myself.

Regardless, I'm urging you to check out the 80s/90s meets future sound of "Love is Dangerous," which also includes a very odd track, "Cold Enough," which features 80s R&B diva Jody Watley, who is also featured on their very very latest track, "Dancing Out."  So that's something.  Both tracks are great, I like "Dangerous" a bit more, but overall I like what these guys are doing.

Luckily, it seems just about everything is up on Spotify, and I think it warrants a quick compilation to get to know the band...

No word on a follow up album yet, that I can see.  They are doing a handful of shows this summer, you can find out more on their official page.


Love is Dangerous
Cold Enough

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