Thursday, May 30, 2013

Never Enough

Song: Never Enough
Artist: Visage
Album: Hearts and Knives

80s New Romantic act Visage have re-formed (again) this time releasing an album of new material... their first since 1984's Beat Boy.  Frontman Steve Strange mentioned a reunion in an early 2012 interview, the album, Hearts and Knives has just been released on Blitz Club.

The new music is firmly planted in the 80s New Wave sound that they are well known for, I'm digging album opener "Never Enough" as well as initial single "Shameless Fashion."  Initially to me it sounded like music the Scissor Sisters would use as inspiration... except this music is post-Scissor Sisters... but you get the idea.

No new ground is covered here, but for a straight-up 80s fix of new tunes, this is worth checking out.

Visage is best known for their 1980 hit "Fade to Grey," which was later basically copied by Kelly Osborne for her single "One Word."


Never Enough
Shameless Fashion

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