Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Running to Your Love

Song: Running to Your Love
Artist: Ilya Santana
Album: A Western Tale

Recent discovery from last year, Spanish producer/DJ Ilya Santana's debut album "A Western Tale," a spacey, disco-infused, house record that mainly works as a mood piece, but has a couple killer single tracks off it.

Santana just released the "Starchaser" EP/single, which I liked okay... but happened to take a listen to "Running to Your Love" which was off the debut album.  Whoa.  It hit me immediately and I had to hear more.  Unlike "Running," "Starchaser" is mostly instrumental... and the same can be found on "A Western Tale."

I really liked this record... perfect for a space-themed cocktail party, or interdimensional transcendental experience.  This is a ride baby... and it's sexy.

"Running" is an obvious highlight, but you should listen to it from start to finish.


Running to Your Love
A Love Scene

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