Friday, March 08, 2013

First Days of Something

Song: First Days of Something
Artist: Young Dreams
Album: Between Places

Norwegian indie-pop act dropping their debut album "Between Places."  Beach Boys-esque harmonies with a touch of their psychedelic leanings as well.

I'm loving recent (and I believe third) single "First Days of Something" as well as previous "Fog of War."  Beautifully layered and Summer-y.

Band is helmed by Matia Tellez, and fluctuates between seven and twelve members.  They remind me a bit of I'm From Barcelona... though that comparison isn't quite right.  Maybe a little Death Cab, Vampire Weekend, and/or a lighter Arcade Fire.  Eh don't listen to me... just do it for yourself below.


First Days of Something
Fog of War
Young Dreams

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