Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Mother We Share

Song: The Mother We Share
Artist: Chvrches
Album: The Mother We Share

New electro-pop act out of Glasgow, Chvrches is a two-guys, one girl act currently making the internet rounds as the next big currently unsigned thing on the strength of just two tracks they've put out on YouTube.

Lead singer Lauren Mayberry's high, but pretty, voice is very very familiar to me though I can't quite place it.  The band's sound is very similar to "Silent Shout"-era The Knife, basically left-of-center electro with stuttered beats, glorious synths, bigger beats and rock-solid melodies.  Great stuff.

As mentioned they've only got two tracks out there, so you can hear them below, or check out their Soundcloud page for additional remixes.  "The Mother We Share," the song that's getting them the most attention can be purchased on iTunes.


The Mother We Share

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