Monday, November 05, 2012

Off The Dancefloor

Song: Off the Dancefloor
Artist: Junkie XL
Album: Synthesized

It's been over four years since Junkie XL's last album, 2008's "Booming Back at You," which I really enjoyed, but he is returning with "Synthesized" once again on Artwerk records.

The album is obviously designed as an ecstasy/MDMA enhancer, the first track is entitled "Take Off on Molly's E" after all, and has a slow, atmospheric build, before jumping into the straight-ahead four-to-the-floor stomper "Off the Dancefloor" featuring the vocals of Isis Salam.

From there the album segues back into "the trip" with a track called "Leave Behind Your Ego" featuring the spoken word "guidance" of none other than Timothy Leary.  I can only really imagine the drug-induced euphoria... but stone sober, aside from "Dancefloor," the album is good background music thus far...

Thankfully, starting with the track-4 title track, Junkie XL leaves behind the trippy shit and focuses on some hard-hitting dancefloor electronica, which works with or without the enhancement.

I'm still listening to the record, but the long wait between albums seems quite worth it as he's delivered another solid collection.


Off the Dancefloor
Leave Behind Your Ego
Gloria (feat. Datarock)

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