Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Song: Ghosts
Artist: The Presets
Album: Pacifica

Australia's The Presets return with their third album "Pacifica."

Certainly not a prolific band, the duo of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes first hit the scene with their amazing single "Girl and the Sea" in 2005, I was a huge fan of second single "Are You the One?" also from their debut album "Beams."

"Pacifica" is much less dark than both their debut and sophomore set "Apolcalypso," despite the slow-building hard-edged first single and first track "Youth in Trouble."  It's a little too meandering for my taste, but a good album opener.  I'm really digging second single (and second track) "Ghosts" which has a Coldplay-ness to it.

The album is a pretty solid synth-driven electro record and worthy of your time if that's your bag.  I'm also loving the lush, almost pop of "It's Cool," which is rather atmospheric, as well as the trancy "Fall."

Another solid record from these boys.


Youth in Trouble
It's Cool

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