Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Song: Normal
Artist: Le Le
Album: Partytime

I stumbled across this album last month and I've been really enjoying it throughout.  Having a bit of trouble finding info on the band... but when you call yourself "Le Le," you're sort of reveling in your un-googleness right? Oh well.

From what I've gathered, Le Le is a Dutch trio of artists, as in a graphic designer, a writer, and a musician.  One throws a popular party in Paris.  They made this record.

"Partytime" is an amalgam of electro styles, a little English, a little French, and a lot of fun.  They even nod their heads to Milli Vanilli, on a track called "Pearl Necklace."  Hipster approved.  But this is good.  Take a listen below.

Good from start to finish.


En Pierre
Crazy Shaped Lady

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