Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Wolf is Getting Married

Song: The Wolf is Getting Married
Artist: Sinéad O'Connor
Album: How About I Be Me (and you be you)?

One of the biggest shames in the history of pop music was the collective media stoning pop-eccentric Sinéad O'Connor endured when she tore a picture of the then Pope up live on SNL to protest the sexual abuse children were suffering at the hands of Catholic Priests.  Her career never fully recovered, stopping short the popular success she enjoyed after hitting big with "Nothing Compares 2 U" and her amazing sophomore album "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got."  She'd gone up against the biggest church in the world, which you never recover from... despite being totally right.  We haven't even heard the entire truth, and people still want to turn a blind eye as these are men of God.  Sinéad helped start exposing these monstrosities, and she paid for it with her career.

And while the radio never paid attention to her again, she's been releasing album after album the twenty-two years since, to a small but devoted audience and has just released her ninth and strongest in years... "How About I Be Me (and you be you)?"  It's a mighty strong collection of pop-rock tracks that is pure Sinéad.  Her off-beat storytelling and gorgeous voice are all there.  If you're a casual fan (like me) I highly recommend it.

"The Wolf is Getting Married" is the first single, and I love the groovy-shuffle of opener "4th & Vine," the devastating addict confessional "Reason with Me,"and the very pretty "Back Where You Belong."  "Old Lady" has that bold, strong, Sinéad of old with some hard guitars and her subtle humor.  And "Queen of Denmark" will blow you away.  Amazing.

Her best of original tunes since 2000's "Faith and Courage" in my book.  Get this.

The Wolf is Getting Married
4th & Vine
Queen of Denmark

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