Friday, March 16, 2012

The Right Woman

Song: The Right Woman
Artist: Dragonette
Album: Proud to be Woman Vol. 3

I've always wanted to like Dragonette just a touch more than I actually do.  I have both of their albums, and while it's straight-up wall-to-wall electropop that I should love... they never quite grabbed me.  I loved the song they co-wrote with Cyndi Lauper from her "Bring Ya to the Brink" album, and REALLY fell for last years Martin Solveig collab, "Hello."  So what am I missing?

Well it's been over three years, ages in the pop world, since their last album "Fixin' to Thrill," and it's looking like we'll be getting the third album sometime this year.  There has been a tease of a new single called "Let it Go," but only this brief snippet has been made available.

But just recently, "The Right Woman" was recently made available on the Diane von Furstenberg compilation "Proud to be Woman Vol. 3" which you can get here.  It's an upbeat little gem that has seriously grown on me the past couple days, and may be my favorite Dragonette song yet.  So I am officially excited for this new record.

Happy Friday!


The Right Woman
Fixin' to Thrill
I Get Around

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