Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tipp City

Song: Tipp City
Artist: The Amps
Album: Pacer

Back in the 90's when "alternative" rock exploded, the Boston-based Breeders has a hit with their second album, "Last Splash" and specifically the song "Cannonball."  Lead Breed(er) Kim Deal saw commercial interest in her band that even topped her experience in the Pixies, though it was ultimately short-lived.

After her twin sister and bandmate Kelly was busted for drugs in 1995 The Breeders went on hiatus and Kim formed The Amps, intending to play and record everything herself. (She learned drums for the occasion.)  That didn't come to fruition, hiring Breeder Jim Macpherson to play drums and Dayton friends Luis Lerma and Nate Farley.  Their debut and only album "Pacer" was released in 1995 with a huge pressing from Elektra thinking they would be capitalizing on the success of "Last Splash."  It was a relative disappointment and given the pressing, you'll probably have no problem finding a copy for $1 at a used record bin.

But I always liked "Pacer," which felt like a dirtier, crazier Breeders.  The second single, "Tipp City" was a quick rollicking track about getting drunk.  What's not to love?  But the record is filled with other guitar buzz gems like the title track, "Mom's Drunk," "Bragging Party" as well as an early version of "Full on Idle," which would be re-recorded by the Breeders for their eventual follow up to "Last Splash," "Title Tk." (which is amazing.)

The last we heard from Kim was The Breeders "Fate to Fatal" EP in 2009 after the semi-lackluster fourth album "Mountain Battles."  Maybe it's time for a new Amps record?


Tipp City
Bragging Party
Full on Idle

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