Friday, March 02, 2012

Pure Vida

Song: Pure Vida (with Jason Caesar)
Artist: Blank & Jones
Album: Relax Edition 6

I'm not necessarily into "chill out" as a genre... most of it is so terrible, but I've been making it a point to listen to a couple "ambient house" or "chillwave" albums and have had a couple I actually liked.  And this is one of them.

Now, it's funny as I've missed Editions 1 through 5 but late last year the German trance duo Blank & Jones released their sixth incarnation of their chill out series.  I didn't think that I knew them at all until I realized that they were responsible for one of my favorite Pet Shop Boy remixes, for the track "Home and Dry." (a favorite)

"Relax" is a twenty-four track double album of lush, beachy-feelling electronic music that dips it's toe a bit into new age and ambient textures, even a little (gasp) fusion jazz.  It's not for everybody, but I've actually played the hell out of this during a couple early mornings and a few late late nights.  I also for a while was listening to it on the train during my morning commute while also novel reading (which I can't do listening to any pop music) helping me was away the bustle of the city and it's cranky AM riders.  Very nice.

It's also not ALL chill, check out the Love Conquers All (Beach Bar Mix with ABC) below, groovy and perfect for dreaming of summer cocktails by a body of water. Is it summer yet?

I'm not an expert in this genre by any means but if you're in the market for an album of this type... I recommend.


Pure Vida
Only Your Love
Love Conquers All (Beach Bar Mix with ABC)

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