Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love Spent

Song: Love Spent
Artist: Madonna
Album: MDNA

So can a fifty-three year-old-woman still compete with pop princesses half her age?  Well it depends on the woman... and if there is anything we all should have learned in the thirty years of her career is that you can never ever underestimate the one and only... Madonna.

It's her twelfth studio album, it comes after the mildly disappointing "Hard Candy," and it's first heard three tracks just didn't seem to rise up to what we all think of Madonna.  I'm starting to think this was all very thought out because, possibly with lowered expectations... MDNA is a revelation, and the strongest material we've heard form her in years.  It's hard, freaky, catchy, wild, and pure Madonna.

"Gang Bang" is "Kill Bill" meets sex club, "I'm Addicted" is real drug-enduced dance floor euphoria, "Turn Up the Radio" is the big pop summer hit in the making, "Some Girls" is a throbbing dance track that sounds like classic Madonna, "I Don't Give A" is the badass spawn of "American Life" and "Hard Candy" in all the right ways, "I'm a Sinner" is a happy, groovy, psychedelic cousin to "Beautiful Stranger," and then "Love Spent" is... well I can't even begin really.

"Love Spent" is like everything you know about Madonna into one song, with banjo, a sample of "Hung Up" and... and ... a fucking banjo.  You hear ABBA's "Money, Money, Money" for a second, a marching band beat... and then you realize, it's a bloody divorce song?!  Bonkers.  It's here that you think... this might not just be a good Madonna record, it might be a classic Madonna record.  (and "Falling Free" ends it all and drives that home.)

I think we're all saying... how did I doubt you?


Love Spent
Gang Bang
I'm Addicted

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