Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wrong Opinion

Song: Wrong Opinion
Artist: Chairlift
Album: Something

Every once in a while I have an album or song that I dig, listen to a bit, for sure plan to highlight here on this blog... and then a bunch of other stuff rushes in and takes its place here and there.  Enough time goes by that it just feels like old news, and it never happens.  Recently I've acquired a couple follow-up records from these such bands... so enough is enough.  Here we go.

It's been four years since Brooklyn-based indie-electro-rock act Chairlift released their debut album "Does You Inspire You."  I did like that record, and they made a bit of a mark having their track "Bruises" selected as use in an iPod commercial. (yeah, one of those.)  Well the band is back with their sophomore set "Something," and after a couple listens I can say it grabbed be even a bit more than the debut.

Chairlift sound a little 80's without really trying for an 80's sound.  They're a bit Siouxie, a little Cure, and a touch of Kate Bush... but I also hear a little Christine McVie-ish Fleetwood Mac in there.  But more "electronic."  All in all Chairlift write evocative songs with a wide range of sounds and moods.  I immediately connected with the dark, noisy, "Wrong Opinion" as well as the lush semi-ballad "Take it Out On Me."  "Ghost Tonight" sounds like the Stevie Nicks dance album that's never happened, and first single "Amanaemonesia" leans on some spooky synths and punchy beats for some If-Florence-Was-in-the-80's greatness.

So, go out and listen to this record... and listen to the first one too.


Wrong Opinion
Take it Out on Me

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