Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shady Love

Song: Shady Love
Artist: Scissor Sisters
Album: Shady Love

The Scissor Sisters came out with a surprise release of their new single "Shady Love" on the second of the year, it's from their as-yet-announced fourth album coming sometime this year.  It's a dance-focused goofy little gem of a track featuring the much-buzzed about Azealia Banks under the pseudonym "Krystal Pepsy," which had been used, under a slightly more copyright-infringing spelling, by lead Jake Shears when he DJ'd.

The track sounds like nothing they've ever done before, and yet sounds completely Scissor Sisters.  The chorus reminds me of Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" is a way, and while Ms. Banks is good on the track, I wonder where Ana is.  Girl?

I really really wasn't feeling this track as first... it's a bit off-putting when you're expecting a joy-to-the-walls track like "I Don't Feel Like Dancing," or something soaring like "Fire With Fire."  But "Fire" didn't represent "Night Work," their last brilliant album very well, and it seemed with that album, and "Shady Love" that they are ready to explore some new aspects of dance music.  I'm ready.

And it's hard to resist Jake when he raps "she gonna vote for Obama, and she likes to dance to Madonna."  Win.  Oh, the video is quite cute as well.


Shady Love

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