Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lonely Boy

Song: Lonely Boy
Artist: The Black Keys
Album: El Camino

So The Black Keys have never grabbed me.  The Akron, OH blues-rock band released their sixth and most popular album, "Brothers" last year to much acclaim and interest.  It made it on several year-end best lists and I still haven't heard it.  But all the talk about that record made me interested enough to check out their latest album, the Danger Mouse produced "El Camino," which came out last week.  And I like it.

The album has a bluesy-classic rock sound that's not all together distinct, but certainly well done and  effective.  I immediately connected with first single and opener "Lonely Boy," and the rest of the album powers through a set of muscled-up rock tracks that roll along with a 70's sense of strut and sleaze.  I hear a little Stones, a little Chili Peppers, a little Paul Butterfield Blues Band... but most importantly, I hear some solid, catchy rock tracks.

Jeez.  I'm going to have to go back and get "Brothers" after all eh?

I've read that "El Camino" is intentionally "faster" than "Brothers" as they realized faster songs worked better on the road as they played larger venues due to their growing popularity.  Fine by me... it's a pretty solid rock and roll train they're powering through with.


Lonely Boy
Gold on the Ceiling


mymusicmission said...

Get "Brothers" such an amazing album!!

WeCastMusic said...

Fine! Maybe I'll post a track from THAT one in the new year to make up for it.