Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ring My Bell

90's Week

Song: Ring My Bell
Artist: Collette
Album: Raze the Roof

Oh dear.

Well, friend and reader Antony from Sydney introduces me to Collette, a fellow Aussie that released two albums in the late 80's and early 90's.  Her biggest and most well-known hit is a cover of the Anita Ward classic "Ring My Bell," which went top 5 in Australia, at the time rare for a local act apparently.  Now, I think it's a little debatable if Collette can in fact sing or not, but there is an infectiousness to this entire enterprise.  And take a look at her videos below... wow, 90's!

In truth, her debut album "Raze the Roof" (yes, that's the title) was released in 1989, but did get most of its attention at the very start of the 90's, but again... taking a look at the video, it's what I think of when I think of the 90's, bright colorful outfits, acid-washed jeans, and lots of lycra.  Like... a lot of lycra.

I'll admit that my knowledge of acid house is limited... so I am unsure how revolutionary, at the time, "Raze the Roof" was, but it's beyond dated.  Though, the obvious touchstone is Kylie, and honestly, it's only slightly more ridiculous than "I Should Be So Lucky."  With song titles such as "Party Time," "Only You Can Do It," "All I Wanna Do Is Dance," and "Victim Of The Groove," you sort of get where this is going.

Collette released one other album in the 90's.  She ditched the acid house and lycra for a new sleek R&B sound, trying to mimic Janet apparently. Frankly... I'm not ready for all that!  But if you can't get enough, you can find out more about Collette here.

Thank you Antony for introducing Collette to the world of WeCastMusic.  I think it's safe to say we will never be the same.


Ring My Bell
All I Wanna Do is Dance
That's What I Like About You

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