Friday, October 28, 2011

Everything She Wants

Song: Everything She Wants
Artist: Wham!
Album: Make it Big

Last night I was asked by my friend Jeff for Wham's "Everything She Wants" as he couldn't find it in the wealth of music I had given him, which was rather 80's heavy.  Well, to be honest... I didn't know the song by name, I didn't even have it in my library... so I went to YouTube.

Shame!  Horror!  Gasp!  It was worse than a slasher movie... how could my library be missing such an 80's classic?  Well... while I did know it once I heard it, no doubt through cultural osmosis, it has somehow bypassed me and my record collection.  Though to be fair, I only have a handful of Wham singles, with "I'm Your Man" and "Careless Whisper" being the must haves... but this is a classic song, and one I am happy I have now.  And so do you!

"Everything She Wants" was released in at the very end of 1984 in the UK, and early the following year here in the States.  (Yes, making it almost 30 years old.)  It was released as a double A-side to the bands "Last Christmas," which got all of the attention upon release given the holiday.  "Everything" is a sordid little drama involving a man who is crumbling under the materialism of  his woman, who surprises him with the announcement of a baby.  Instead of helping their relationship, it only further puts pressure on the man to support them, and now a third.

The song became their third number one on the 1984 album "Make it Big."

Great song.  Thank you Jeff!


Everything She Wants
Last Christmas
I'm Your Man

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