Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bad as Me

Song: Bad as Me
Artist: Tom Waits
Album: Bad as Me

I discovered Tom Waits in high school, hearing his then recent album "Bone Machine" in 1992.  I was pretty blown away by it, as it sounded like nothing I'd heard before... and just loved the songs immensely.  I subsequently went back to discover some of his older work, and really fell in love with his 1985 masterpiece "Rain Dogs," and to a slightly lesser extent, his beautiful debut "Closing Time." (1973)

The man has had a long a varied career, one in which I haven't kept up with completely, but it's hard to knock his individuality, and his ability to write a solid song.  He can be chaotic and seemingly crazy, but he's also written some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.  A completely unique talent.

The just released "Bad as Me" is the man's seventeenth album, once again produced by his wife Kathleen Brennan and himself.  It's straight-up Waits like only the man can do and reminds me a bit of his "Swordfishtrombone" / "Rain Dogs" era.  First single and title track "Bad as Me" shows Waits as his most manic and noisy, while "Pay Me," a wilting piano ballad shows the mans soft side.  But even better is the Spanish Waltz of second single "Back in The Crowd."  I also liked the "Bone Machine"-esque "Raised Right Men."

If you're not a fan you probably won't find much to sway your opinion, but Waits heads will eat this up.


Bad as Me
Back in The Crowd

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