Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Buy My Love

Song: Buy My Love
Artist: Wynter Gordon
Album: With the Music I Die

I've often noted that a piece of music doesn't really grab hold to you until you hear it in a different context, really proving proof-positive how much expectation and odd personal prejudices can effect how much you "like" a piece of music.  This most happens in movies and TV, sometimes commercials, where you hear something matched with a visual or storyline and it all fits together.  Sometimes this connection can take on an almost profound feeling... I remember hearing Moby's "My Weakness," the last track on "Play" in a scene from The X-Files or another cop show and it completely changing the song for me... it would further be thought of in that context for me.

I listening to Wynter Gordon's dance-pop debut "With the Music I Die" this summer when it was released and it didn't grab me much.  It was a little too cheesy dance-pop even for me.  But just this past Monday I heard a song on Logo's ridiculously over-the-top "The A-List New York" and knew it was hers.  I immediately brought the album up and was surprised that a) I couldn't place which song on the album was the one I heard, and b) how many of these tracks I was actually digging a second time around.  Well it turned out the song was "Buy My Love," which is pure pop bliss.  It didn't sound so to me earlier... but hearing it on the show, it came alive.

First singles "Til Death" and "Dirty Talk" also jumped out at me with groovy how-did-I-miss-this-the-fist-time attention grabbing.  But I also really connected with "Still Getting Younger," which happened to be produced by Pnau.  She's worked with a handful of interesting producers for the record, but it should be noted that she co-wrote every song on the album, and actually got her start writing tunes for other artists including Mary J. Blige, Estelle, Danity Kane, Jennifer Lopez, and Flo Rider.  So she's got some cred all her own.

Not for all tastes, but if dance-pop is your kryptonite...


Buy My Love
Still Getting Younger
Til Death

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