Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Song: Weekend
Artist: Class Actress
Album: Rapprocher

Class Actress are a Brooklyn-based electro-chillwave act that sights Madonna's first album as their one major influence.  Which pretty much says it all.  While I don't hear anything in the "Borderline," "Everybody," "Holiday," or "Lucky Star" infectious dancefloor vein, the baselines and synths line up right with that albums sound.  Lead singer Elizabeth Harper brings the tempo down though, for a bored-sexy mix of emotional confession and laid back drama.

My initial favorite is the synth-tastic "Limousine" which is found in the middle of the record, as well as singles "Keep On" and the killer "Weekend."  The album has Brooklyn cool written all over it, but worthy of at least one ironic spin... or simply revel in the retro sounds and Stainless Style-mood.


Keep You
All the Saints

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